Sardha Mahabier

Senior finance assistant

My name’s Sardha Mahabier. I work for Forever Direct in the Finance department. I live together with my partner and my twelve-year-old son. My hobbies are running, going out for dinner and drinking wine. I love cosiness.

I have worked for Forever Direct since March 1, 2012. Forever Living Products develops and produces products based on Aloe Vera for a healthy lifestyle, personal care and cosmetics. These are things I have always been interested in, so I thought, ‘I really want this job!’
I made a career move from junior finance assistant to senior finance assistant. My job is working with banks, creditors, debtors, working on the reports that go with them, etcetera. Admin is really is my thing!

My favourite Forever Living product: Forever Bright (toothpaste), Aloe Vera Gel and Gelly.